Snowpark, Input Tables & Sigma AI: The Future of Analytics

July 11, 2023
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The Sigma Summit team reunites to discuss new insights and trends seen at this year’s Snowflake Summit.Sigma Computing’s Advanced Analytics capabilities can help you fully utilize the Data Cloud. This includes leveraging input tables and scenario modeling, collaborating on Snowpark models, and using chat AI models to enhance your data.

You’ll learn how multi-tenant, flexible, and agile data solutions enable instant collaboration across teams and geographies, propelling your organization forward. With the power to enrich and enhance data within the Data Cloud (input tables), you’ll be able to align with internal stakeholders and make better decisions faster than ever before.

In this webinar you’ll walk away knowing:

  • Why the future of analytics is cloud-native, multi-tenant, and flexible, enabling organizations to leverage data more effectively to drive business results 
  • Knowledge about the latest advancements in data-driven decision-making and valuable insights into how your organization can stay ahead of the curve
  • How leveraging AI models can enhance your data, unlocking new possibilities for your organization


Zack Norton
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Sigma
Stipo Josipovic
Director of Product Management, Sigma
Shawn Namdar
Technical Alliance Manager, Sigma