Empowering Global Streaming Success: Unlocking Insights and Monetizing with Wurl and Sigma

July 26, 2023
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Watch on-demand as we revisit how global streaming success Wurl leverages Sigma to unlock insights. We will explore how the migration to Sigma has transformed the way internal users and business stakeholders at Wurl harness data, enabling them to make informed decisions faster and more effectively.

We will present a compelling use case value, outlining the initial tests conducted. These tests aimed to evaluate the ability of internal users to address previously unanswerable questions, create visually appealing and governed visualizations, and obtain meaningful results from advanced queries.

In this webinar, you'll learn firsthand:

  • How Wurl is unlocking insights and monetizing data
  • The latest features and innovations within Sigma Computing
  • The exciting possibilities brought by input tables, application embedding, and the integration of data science and Snowpark with Streamlit.



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