Securely write back data
directly to the cloud

Break through the Data-to-Warehouse Barrier with input tables

From startups to the fortune 500, sigma scales with teams of all sizes

Input Tables empower your team to write new data back to your cloud data platform alongside the original dataset.


Unlock new capabilities to build data apps

Go beyond data analysis and build applications off your warehouse data. Input Tables power forms and multi-user workflows that teams use  to replace other 3rd party applications.

A data dashboard table showing monthly gross revenue
Improved Decision-Making

Plan for any scenario

Most BI tools are limited to simply showing you the data. In Sigma, you can input new data to see how it impacts projected outcomes.

Real-Time Data Management

Add, edit, and manage fresh data directly in Sigma

Create and enter data into tables like you would in a traditional spreadsheet, which are stored as new tables directly in your warehouse.

An image of the Sigma UI showing an Input Forecast.
Enhanced Collaboration

Power collaborative workflows

Add important context to your  analysis right alongside the warehouse data. Plus, use live edit to collaborate on the analysis with other colleagues in real-time.

A Sigma revenue dashboard showing collaboration.
Security and Compliance

Ensure strong security and governance

Sigma enhances security with controlled access, audit trails, and compliance, ensuring data integrity and traceability.

An Sigma UI table showing an audit trail of input table interactions

Scale with your needs

Spreadsheets don’t scale to billions of records—Sigma lets you write back large data seamlessly with updates and collaboration.

Enhance your product with write-back

“Sigma’s Input Tables have been the turning point for Strategus, giving our users the power to incorporate their data directly into their analyses.”

Mark Sussman
Director of Data, Strategus

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