Building a Data Synchronized Business with a Modern Data Stack

October 4, 2022
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For decades, businesses have aspired to be “data-driven”; but what does being “data-driven” really mean?

There is a sweeping trend to get business processes to move at the speed at which data intensive algorithms generate new insights. Companies must focus on synchronizing their business processes with data and have a clear objective to minimize the delay between when the data suggests an opportunity to optimize and when the organization is able to act on that opportunity.

In this webinar, Sigma’s VP, Product Jayanth Mysore, will discuss a blueprint for businesses to evolve into data-synchronized organizations using a modern data stack. Our speakers will walk you through:

  • Why this transformation is one that’s readily accessible to organizations of all sizes
  • How recent advances in analytical compute and storage influence the emergence of intuitive products coupled with the affordable economics of SaaS in the constantly evolving data landscape
  • How building a modern data stack with a cloud-native analytics platform can help transform your business across industry verticals


Jayanth Mysore

VP of Product | Sigma Computing



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