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Sales teams set the pace for a company’s growth. As a Revenue Ops leader, your job is to ensure it stays that way—forecasting with confidence, predicting pipeline performance, and scoping high-growth territories. See around the corner and make decisions you won’t second guess.

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Cowen uses Sigma
Cowen uses Sigma
Cowen uses Sigma
Cowen uses Sigma

What Sigma can do for revenue and sales Operations

Pipeline forecasting

Your forecasts steer the ship. Answer questions in minutes—not meetings.

Territory planning

See around the corner and make smoke reports a thing of the past. Scope and assign territories specific to your Ideal Customer Profile—all based on live data you can adjust on the fly. 

Capacity modeling

You can’t hire on the wrong numbers. Make decisions you won’t second guess.

Reduce time-to-answer

Conversion rates on Stage 3 opportunities? Deal pipeline changes day-by-day? Answer with live data in real time.

Tired of watching your sales reps and leaders present forecasts in different formats with days-old data?

Present them with a one-stop shop for Sales Forecasting - built on live data with the ability to add context. No more custom Salesforce reports. Make every forecast count.

Predict Your Sales Pipeline— And Actually Feel Good About It

Update territory plans on the fly by inputting your own data. Build the visual story of your forecasts with easy-to-build data visualizations.  Empower decision makers to answer their own questions.

Parallel Models With
Live Data

So it's planning season and the top-line goal is to double the company. The question you have to answer is: How? How many reps can we hire? How quickly can we hire them? Where do we put them? With Sigma, build as many bottoms-up capacity scenarios as you need with live data. Be the hero with all the answers.

Data you can actually rely on

Your job is to see it coming.
As a RevOps leader you know the story: a rep is struggling but why? Is it their patch, their enablement, their activity? With Sigma, use leading indicators to predict and examine every data insight back to its source.

Sales Analytics Software & Platform

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