Data Modeling

The Sigma Data Model: Your business logic, easily managed    and infinitely reusable

Data modeling made easy with datasets

With Sigma, you can augment your warehouse tables or CSVs with your own embellishments and then publish those for reuse within your organization. It’s as easy as using a spreadsheet.

What are datasets?

Your entire data model in a single view

In Sigma, you can visually manage every transformation and dataset reference from a single view, enabling you to explore each component that contributes to your workbook analysis. Lineages empower your teams to effectively manage intricate workbooks, execute numerous look-ups and joins, all while maintaining transparency into your workbook’s entire structure.

Learn about lineage.

Introducing Sigma Metrics

Build standardized calculations and reuse essential logic across your entire business

Define it once, use it everywhere

Stop rewriting the same logic in every report. In Sigma, create a metric just once and make it accessible to the entire organization.

Bring metrics into your analysis

Drag and drop, select from a column, or simply reference in the formula bar. With metrics, you can bring the essential business data into all of your datasets, tables, and visualizations. 

Maintain control over your data

Metrics are calculated on the dataset level and auto-update with your data, ensuring consistency and integrity of your workbooks. In addition, they inherit dataset permissions allowing you to easily manage and prevent unauthorized modifications.

We are Sigma.

Sigma is a cloud-native analytics platform that uses a familiar spreadsheet interface to give business users instant access to explore and get insights from their cloud data warehouse. It requires no code or special training to explore billions of rows, augment with new data, or perform “what if” analysis on all data in real⁠-⁠time.