Data Modeling & Discovery

Control + Freedom

Sigma Data Sources & Data Blocks

Build centralized data definitions and curated data views.  

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Model Without Code

Visually build and modify Data Blocks composed of joins, filters, calculations, and selected fields in minutes. Forget learning new tools, programming languages, or managing source code.

Quickly and accurately develop Data Blocks with visual results and row level data on-screen.

Fast Insights from Trusted Sources

Discover, build, and share curated starting points to accelerate insights and help avoid redundant work or errors.

Maintain consistent reports, KPIs, and standardized calculations with Data Blocks.

Best Practices for Using Sigma with Snowflake eBook

Independent Business Teams

Create a data-driven organization where business experts rapidly answer questions by adding new data or adjusting to schema changes— without waiting on data teams or code deployments.

Context Relationships & Search

Data Overview Page
Data Sources include an overview page describing their structure, foreign keys, column formatting, comments, annotations, badging, and related tables.

Linked Values
Declared foreign keys render in worksheets as friendly names field versus cryptic values and additional related table fields can be added with 1-click.

Data Search
Easily find relevant dashboards, worksheets, data sources, and
data warehouse table

Table relationships are shown with linked columns - easily connect tables
and blocks without joins.

Let's build a better data model together.