Tableau is Old News: Why Companies are Turning to Modern Cloud Native Analytics

April 13, 2023
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Tableau has been a trusted companion for data analysts and business users for over a decade, but technology has advanced and it's no longer the best tool for many data analytics and B.I. workloads.

With the move toward cloud-first analytics and live data warehouse connections, Sigma has become the tool of choice for cutting edge teams around the globe.

Hundreds of teams are making the switch to Sigma, so we thought it would be helpful to explain why that shift is shaping the B.I. Industry as we know it.

In this webinar, our internal data experts will explain how cloud native analytics with Sigma:

  • Is purpose-built for your cloud data warehouse, enabling your team to perform live queries faster
  • Empowers business users to answer questions using a familiar excel spreadsheet interface
  • Allows users to easily drill-down into row-level at massive scale, create pivot tables, and more


Zack Norton
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Sigma
Paul Lisborg
Sr. Customer Success Manager, Sigma