Sigma on Databricks: Cloud-native Analytics Built for Modern Business

Explore, analyze, & decide from live data on the Databricks Lakehouse

Image of Sigma and Databricks

Handle any data, AI and BI workload with a direct connection from Sigma to Databricks Serverless SQL Warehouse

Sigma + Databricks

Unite data scientists, engineers, and business teams with a friendly interface for business intelligence. You can now maximize Lakehouse investments and dismantle data silos using Sigma’s direct connection, simplifying integration effort and lowering TCO. With cloud-native architecture, you’ll never need extracts, ETL processes, or data migration to generate insights.

Databricks Connectivity

Through the Databricks Medallion methodology, Delta Lake ensures unstructured and structured data ingests (Bronze), undergoes quality refinement (Silver), and matures into actionable insights (Gold).

Boundless BI Exploration

Sigma stands out from traditional BI with a spreadsheet UI. Self-service data exploration tools include Drill Anywhere, Pivot Tables, and the first Data Writeback functionality for unrestricted data engagement.

Accelerated ML-Driven Insight

Speed up ML model development and deployment in business intelligence with Databricks' blend of data processing and analytics, featuring native machine learning tools.

Analytics Everywhere

Sigma's embedded analytics empower businesses to monetize data by integrating it into applications, creating new revenue opportunities and boosting customer satisfaction.

“Sigma and Databricks have helped us meaningfully reduce the barriers between our portfolio managers and the data they need to make insightful investment decisions. These platforms are enhancing our ability to incubate successful new investment teams.”

Nan Xiao
Chief Technology Officer, Greenland Capital Management

Industry Value

Sigma + Databricks deliver critical insights and solutions

Financial Services

Develop analytics for risk assessment, portfolio monitoring, and personalized offerings, improving decision-making and mitigating risk.

Health Care & Life Sciences

Modernize research and improve patient outcomes through real-time data analytics. Improve diagnoses, treatments, and healthcare operations.


Optimize logistics, inventory management, and demand forecasting with actionable insights, reducing costs and improving supply chain resilience.Sigma on Databricks: Introducing the Lakehouse for Manufacturing


Drive innovation and product development by analyzing vast datasets, predicting trends, and accelerating time-to-market with ML-driven insights.