From Reporting to Real Analytics

Sigma’s cloud analytics solution lets you explore billions of records of data — in seconds. So start asking those ad hoc questions, and we’ll make sure you get the granular answers you’re looking for and not the superficial ones you’ve come to expect.

With 750 million people who already know how to use Sigma, our familiar spreadsheet interface means you can now collaborate across teams in real time. And that’s what real analytics means to us — empowering every part of your organization to make good decisions, quickly and independently.

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More Data Wins!

But just having the data isn’t going to win the race — you need to access, explore, and analyze it. Built for data in the cloud, Sigma exists to fulfill the promise of the cutting-edge cloud data warehouse (CDW).

Sigma takes your billions of rows of data and unleashes the granular answers you’ve been dreaming of, all in one tool. All your users can explore all the data live — no extracts and without risk — since the data is controlled and never leaves the cloud. Imagine all the things your team can do from that one single source of truth.

Diagram of how data flows between Sigma and the cloud data warehouse

With Sigma, Everyone Is Now an Analyst

  • Our spreadsheet interface means increased accessibility
  • Your data always stays in the cloud
  • Collaborate across teams in real time

  • Optimized integrations for all major CDW platforms
  • Get up and running in just minutes

Who Is Sigma for?’s for data teams

  • Scalable, governed, and secure ad hoc analysis against billions of records
  • Predictable cloud data warehouse costs and performance
  • Single trusted data journey, Sigma queries live, no extracts
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An Engineer and Product Manager login to Sigma to access cloud data’s for analytics and BI

  • A live window into your cloud data warehouse
  • All the data, all the time
  • Get out of the dashboard business and work on higher value problems
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A data analyst accessing live data from the cloud with sigma’s for business users

A single source of truth allowing you to:

  • Detect buying patterns based on the lowest level of detail
  • See conversion rates
  • Understand lead velocity to optimize messaging and spend
  • Anticipate business performance months ahead
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Business users collaborating on a spreadsheet report