Spreadsheet Interface + The Power of Cloud Data

Sigma makes analyzing cloud data simple. A familiar visual interface enables business experts to easily perform the most complex queries without writing SQL.

Built for the Cloud

Sigma takes advantage of the infinite scale of modern cloud data warehouses. This helps people get fast answers to their data questions. Running 100% in the browser, Sigma connects directly to the cloud warehouse, where the data is secure, managed, and fresh.

Freedom to Explore

Sigma’s familiar visual interface empowers business experts to solve problems without help—enabling them to explore data conversationally, discovering answers to their questions and diving into new questions as they arise.

Analytical Depth

Gain access to 99% of SQL functionality and the flexibility to conduct deep analysis across large diverse datasets, including semi-structured data like JSON. Sigma’s interface builds queries faster and more reliably than any human and provides immediate visual results.

"We've been standing in between our business teams and the data, now we're removing that with the Sigma visual layer... everything we do now has long lasting value."

Aash Anand  —  Data Team, Lime

“It writes SQL faster than I do, and with less errors.”

Woody Anderson —  CTO, Zumper

“To get people up and running with Sigma, to the point that they can achieve meaningful results, takes less than an hour.”

Mia Yamauchi - Marketing Manager, Volta

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Sigma closes the gap between data professionals and business experts—which means more people, making better decisions. But don’t take our word for it, check out our customers talking about Sigma.

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