Sigma on Sigma: Empower your Stakeholders with Key Marketing Metrics & Data Projections

August 29, 2023
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Did you know that Sigma could enable you to map your users’ journey, or gain insights into sales qualified leads, or even build scenario models? We are a company of innovators who pride ourselves in being the model Sigma customer. Watch this informative webinar where we will explore the power of Sigma and uncover some practical marketing use cases through real-world examples and demos. 

In this webinar will learn: 

  • How you can use Sigma to determine key content and website metrics
  • How to conduct cohort analysis and draw projections with Input Tables
  • Ways to harness data to make smarter marketing decisions and build a data-driven culture



Edwin Afable
Principal, Marketing Operations at Sigma
Ayonika Bose
GTM Intelligence Analyst at Sigma
Chitra Rakesh
Head of Content