Ventana Research Briefing with David Menninger & Sigma - Live

July 13, 2023
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Watch this unique experience of a LIVE vendor briefing on Sigma Input Tables. Stipo Josipovic, Sigma Director of Product Management and Zack Norton, Technical Product Marketing Manager will introduce David Menninger, SVP & Research Director, Ventana Research to Sigma Input tables.

David Menninger has been in the data and analytics software industry for 30 years including the last seven years as an industry analyst covering this market segment. He has written recently of the need for two-way capability in analysis and its importance for forecasting, what-if analysis and decision making processes.

Input tables are a powerful new feature in Sigma that enables direct access to your cloud data warehouse for effortless writeback. New workflows in forecasting, what-if analysis, classification, and more are now unlocked with ease. The Sigma team is so excited to brief David that they want to invite others to join for the demonstration and feedback!

In this webinar you'll see first hand:

  • A behind the scenes view of how vendors brief analysts on cutting edge features. 
  • Sigma Input tables differentiators and use cases.
  • The importance of two-way writeback capability in a unified analytics platform.


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