Unleashing the Power of Modern Analytics: Why Sigma Outperforms ThoughtSpot

September 1, 2023
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Search and AI are well-established technologies that bring real value to our everyday lives. Technologies like Google search and ChatGPT are testaments to the ingenuity of humans. They help find answers to almost any question but they are miserable when it comes to your own data.

These technologies are fundamentally rooted in the fact that they need to be trained, just like if you were to learn piano or run a marathon. They work great for public domain information on the Internet but training algorithms to work on your company’s private data is time consuming, expensive, and requires expertise. This is why ThoughtSpot’s promise of search and AI is flat out flawed. This is also why ThoughtSpot doesn’t use natural language search.

A true, self-service analytics tool enables you to build interactive dashboards and reports, perform ad hoc analysis, and collaborate with your team in real time, all within a single platform. 

In this webinar, data experts will showcase the following:

  • Key differences between Sigma and ThoughtSpot
  • How to do in-database calculations and complex joins, enabling users to query and manipulate large datasets
  • Demonstration on how to easily collaborate to build workbooks and dashboards within platform



Matt Curtis
Senior Director of Field Enablement, Sigma
Zack Norton
Technical Product Marketing Manager, Sigma