Cracking the JSON Code with Snowflake and Sigma

January 14, 2021
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Semi-structured and unstructured data now comprises more than 80% of all enterprise data.

In recent years, the amount of JSON data has exploded and become the preferred data interchange format for websites, mobile applications, IoT, and web services. All this data is a potential treasure trove for companies that can harness it effectively. But combing through JSON to find patterns, emerging trends, and insights is a challenge for most organizations.

And with the rise of self-serve BI, it’s now critical that JSON data analysis extends beyond data and IT teams. Salespeople, marketers, product leaders, and others need to be able to extract insights from JSON that will drive better decision-making and give them an edge over the competition.

Watch this recorded session to learn:

  • How Snowflake’s cloud data platform simplifies the storage and analysis of JSON data
  • How business teams can extract and analyze real-time JSON data in the cloud without writing SQL
  • How to reuse Sigma JSON views in Snowflake to power analyses and visualizations across your ecosystem


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