Unlock new levels of business productivity

Bring your own trusted AI to sigma to uncover insights, enrich data, and improve usability


Top teams choose Sigma. See for yourself.

Helpful features that make the most of your AI infrastructure

Sigma Copilot

Ask questions about your data and generate the results in a workbook.

AI Query

Reference machine learning models built by your team in your data platform.

Formula Assistant

Create, correct, and understand Sigma formula bar equations.

Explain Viz

Use AI to explain an existing visualization.

AI Forecasting

Use Snowflake Cortex to forecast data with the click of a button.

AI Functions

Write Excel-like formulas to generate new columns using your existing data.

Plan for the long-term. Align your AI strategy to your data strategy.

Sigma provides the infrastructure to bring secure and governed AI into your data workflows.

Work with AI you can actually trust

AI in Sigma shows you the work behind an AI-generated result, so that you don’t have to rely on hope that AI got it right—you can validate the result yourself.


Bring your structured and unstructured data together

Sigma’s text processing capabilities make it easy to parse unstructured data and extract it into tables, which you can then analyze further with an ML model or LLM.


Govern access to AI across the business

Sigma administrators govern who can opt into working with AI, and you can also use Azure Open AI endpoints for extra security.


Reduce lift and accelerate analysis

Use Sigma’s AI Toolkit to enhance productivity, move faster, and improve team learning.

Upskill with ease

Onboard to Sigma and gain new analysis skills even faster with Copilot guidance.

Simplify the complex

Distill information on a single chart into text that is straightforward and easy to understand.

Diagnose issues

Move fast with immediate AI assistance to unblock common or complex errors.

Generate analysis

Ask AI for examples of popular ways to analyze or visualize similar datasets.

Make it familiar

Connect complex AI models to data through Excel-like formulas.

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