Sigma Partner Ecosystem

From ETL/ELT solutions to Cloud Computing platforms, to the Consultants that deliver them, each of Sigma’s Technology & Consulting partners serve as an important piece of your Modern Data Stack.

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Snowflake, mobilizing the world's data across all organizations.

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Fivetran maximizes the value of your modern data stack with a flexible workflow and analytics without limits.

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phData is solving your most challenging data analytics and machine learning problems.

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Databricks bring live, no-code data analytics to the Data Lakehouse.

Sigma Partners

Unlocking the true power of exploratory analytics starts with the best ecosystem of partners.

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Technology Partners

From ETL/ELT solutions to cloud computing platforms, each of Sigma’s technology partners serves as an important piece of your Modern Data Stack.

Consulting Partners

Sigma’s consulting and system integrator partners are dedicated to delivering the next wave of business intelligence to our mutual customers.

What our customers are saying

Cowen Logo
Ross Levin
Managing Director

“Sigma checked all the boxes for us. It connected directly into Snowflake and had a spreadsheet interface similar to Excel that our business teams felt comfortable with.”

Scripps Logo
Jessica Nielsen
Data Analytics Manager

“With the combined compute speed and analytics capabilities of Sigma and Snowflake, we reduced
our time to data insight by 93%.”

Teachable Logo
Peter Jaffe
Head of Data at Teachable

“Sigma has been a game-changer for Teachable, enabling us to put the power of Amazon Redshift in the hands of business users.”