Self-service for every role and skill set

no matter how you use data, sigma has the tools for you

Scalability for Every business

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Everyone can get their job done the way they want to, without hurdles.


Use a faster, easier, and more powerful BI platform

Sigma is a better way to work with data.

Rapidly iterate & Collaborate

  • Work in Python, SQL, spreadsheet functions or AI
  • Collaborate with teams who prefer spreadsheet analysis
  • Process billions of records in seconds
  • Drag and drop charts into a grid-style layout to quickly build custom dashboards

drive business outcomes from data

  • Use Input Tables to clean and enrich data
  • Instantly spot and attend to issues with alerts triggered by changes in data
  • Use out-of-the-box  charts in all the formats you’re used to, plus KPIs, Sankey diagrams, and waterfall charts

unlock bottlenecks & go further with data

  • Define org-wide metrics at the data source level
  • Use Input Tables to run scenarios and predict outcomes
  • Make changes with colleagues in real-time
  • Leverage prebuilt, plug-and-play dashboards
  • Write data back to the cloud data platform
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Drive your own analysis

Explore and interact with data, without ever writing code or an engineering ticket.


  • Work in an intuitive spreadsheet interface
  • Upskill with QuickStart guides and comprehensive help docs
  • Get chat support in from an award-winning human support team with an average response time of 23 seconds

run custom, ad hoc analysis

  • Use Explore Mode to run new analyses without editing the master report
  • Drill down into data
  • Drag and drop charts to easily build dashboards
  • Use any of Sigma’s 200+ functions—or write a custom function

WORK faster, together

  • View team dashboards with a free license
  • Leverage SQL and Python work from other teams without writing any code
  • Live edit with colleagues in the same workbook
  • Easily comment on dashboards and share reports
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Say goodbye to the dashboard dilemma

Downloading data because you can’t wait on another team to update the dashboard? You’re not alone. Luckily, Sigma breaks this cycle.


Roll out Sigma with peace of mind

Build a stronger data culture with the assurance that data remains protected.

establish A source of truth for data

  • Tag workbooks as “deprecated,” “warning” or “endorsed”
  • Unify teams of multiple skillsets around a central platform for data analysis
  • Provide free viewer access to dashboards
  • Put an end to data extracts

empower teams while enforcing GOVERNANCE

  • Manage data permissions for individuals users and groups
  • Apply row-level permissions
  • View reports on who is using Sigma and how
  • See reports on query runs and cloud performance


  • Configure RBAC, SSO, and OAuth
  • Authorize who can connect AI with Sigma
  • Rest assured data never leaves the cloud
  • View detailed audit logs
  • Meet compliance with Sigma: SOC 1, 2, 3; HIPAA; GDPR; CCPA; ISO 27001; & more
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Get more value out of your data

Make your data work for you.

unlock revenue streams & save costs

  • Launch new product SKUs and build a better customer experience with highly performant and customizable embedded analytics
  • Replace outdated SaaS tools with custom-built data applications
  • Cut down on ad hoc requests for engineering support

optimize cloud investments

  • Gain visibility into the data in your cloud data platform & how it connects to other tools in your data stack
  • Save on query costs with Sigma’s intelligent Alpha Query Engine
  • Use prebuilt templates to understand your org’s cloud warehouse consumption

build a stronger data culture

  • Make more confident decisions with dashboards you can understand and data you can rely on
  • Upskill data consumers across the org
  • Accelerate AI adoption with Sigma’s AI infrastructure
  • Analyze live data in the format you’re used to
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