Sigma for
Financial Services

From the largest banks in the world to the private equity firms funding the newest innovations—Sigma supports data-driven insights for the organizations powering the global economy.


Cowen uses Sigma
Cowen uses Sigma
Cowen uses Sigma
Cowen uses Sigma

Break free from outdated Excel models & workflows

In a world filled with businesses that rely on instantaneous connections, near-perfect security, and complete control over your data, you can't afford to choose between speed, stability or scale. Whether you're a leading bank modernizing your data practice or an investment firm revolutionizing finance, Sigma has empowered hundreds of teams like yours to move from outdated Excel-based data tools and high-risk export-focused workflows to a 100% in-the-cloud, secure, real-time, financial data practice.

What Sigma can 
do for Financial Services

OAuth for Snowflake

Easy for Sigma to leverage data permissions established in Snowflake

AWS PrivateLink

Traffic between Sigma and the CDW stays on an AWS private connection

Single sign-on (SSO)

Use SAML, Okta, OneLogin, GSuite, or your favorite iDP

Row-level security

Limit users to seeing only data that’s relevant to them

We’re here to redefine BI

Forget the past 20 years of business intelligence. It’s been boring.

Manage a data driven portfolio

Centralize your core financial information across trade desks and offices. Sigma provides real-time insights into vast amounts of financial data enabling you to manage open risk across multiple portfolios, track volatility with custom functions and formulas, and build general trading summaries that update the second you need it.

Take your fund to the next level

Sigma enables users to efficiently track, monitor tax liabilities and historical records, and gain insights into fund performance. With real-time access to data, and a user-friendly interface, Sigma empowers venture capital firms to make informed, data-driven decisions for optimal growth and success.

From compliance to
client analysis

Sigma gives banking analytics teams the ability to build consolidated compliance and operations tools while simultaneously serving the analytics needs of their entire organizations.

Detailed and personalized reporting

Sigma can help provide detailed insights about demographics and product features that help improve your company's bottom line.

Bring advanced real-time analytics to your clients

Embed analytics and standard dashboard-style reporting directly into your product. Build unique branded experiences that improve retention and increase the value of your financial applications.

Don’t take our word for it,
take it from our customers

“If you had told me a year ago that we were going to switch embedded analytics' providers, I would’ve told you, you were crazy. Looker was integrated throughout our application. However, after running into enough roadblocks, limitations, and support issues, we started searching for alternatives and finally implemented Sigma.”

Taylor Perkins, Co-founder & CTO, Slope
Cowen uses Sigma

“Sigma checked all the boxes for us. It connected directly into Snowflake and had a spreadsheet interface similar to Excel that our business teams felt comfortable with.”

Ross Levin, Managing Director, Global Clearing, Cowen

“Input Tables from Sigma gives our employees the ability to enhance their data by adding their commentary, conducting what-if analysis, and telling better data stories.”

Han Zhang, Senior Vice President, Blackstone
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