Greenwich.HR Hits a New Multi-Million Revenue Stream Using Embedded Analytics

March 21, 2023
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With billions of datapoints around hiring, wages, skills, and more, global provider of real-time labor market intelligence Greenwich.HR sought an analytics tool to power their new product WageScape (an embedded analytics product providing real-time compensation insights). Upon evaluating Power BI and Tableau, Greenwich.HR quickly realized neither of them could handle the scale and complexity of their database while meeting the UX and performance requirements.

Leveraging embedded analytics with Sigma, they promptly funneled in their large-scale datasets and tables from Snowflake, enabling their clients to gain complete visibility into Greenwich.HR’s database seamlessly to answer questions in real time. 

In this webinar, Greenwich.HR’s Founder and CEO Cary Sparrow and Director of Product Development Daniela Chita-Perez will discuss how they:

  • Reduced time-to-value, creating custom dashboards in weeks (vs. months)
  • Enabled clients to drill down and ask complex questions while saving $100k+ in resources
  • Projected 7-digits in revenue from new incremental sales over the first year for WageScape


Cary Sparrow
Founder and CTO, Greenwich.HR
Daniela Chita-Perez
Director of Product Development, Greenwich.HR
Zalak Trivedi
Product Manager, Sigma