What's New in Sigma: Introducing Sigma Workbooks

June 1, 2021
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June 2021

Put the Power of Data into Everyone's Hands with Sigma Workbooks!

We recently launched Sigma Workbooks, a full redesign of our interface and architecture packed with new functionality and performance to make data exploration, analysis, collaboration, and visualizations better and easier, especially for non-technical business users. Watch this webinar for a deep dive discussion and demo of Sigma Workbooks and learn how it can help you and your organization!

Key new features include:

  • A collaboration canvas where multiple data elements, including tables, charts, and text can be unified to tell a live data story that can easily be collaborated on with others
  • Workbooks and Dashboards have been combined into a single Workbook for a smoother and more intuitive linkage between data and visualizations
  • Multiple features to improve interactive, ad-hoc analysis including one-click, visual filtering and drill down on charts, enhanced pivot tables, and the use of arbitrary formulas in charts.
  • Instant queries, filters, and sorts by using the power of your browser against its data cache
  • Ability to embed a full Sigma Workbook into an application so end viewers can go beyond the dashboard for new, deeper analysis.


Jon Avrach

Sr. Director, Solution Architecture & Evangelism at Sigma

Joe Goldberg

Director of Product Marketing at Sigma



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