Embedded analytics,

seamlessly integrated

Power your applications with data

Top teams choose Sigma. See for yourself.

Deliver enterprise data
products at startup speed

PLUG and play

Rapid development, ready integration

Embedding designed for ease of deployment, requiring minimal developer resources and no custom SDK integrations.


Accelerate time to market

No-code analytics and iFrame embedding make it fast and easy to deliver insights to your customers in minutes, creating a competitive edge while increasing customer satisfaction.


Tailored user experiences

From essential dashboards to comprehensive data explorations, provide customizable embedded experiences to meet diverse
user needs within a flexible,
self-serve environment.


Monetize your data

Whether data is at the core of your product offering or you want to provide analytics at a premium, leverage embedded experiences to unlock new revenue streams for your organization.

Enhance your product with embedded analytics

Embedded analytics that drive action and insight

Effortless integration

Quickly embed Sigma with a single URL and customize the user interface with no-code options for a comprehensive, low-maintenance analytics experience.

Dynamic data exploration

Empower users to drill down into data, view underlying metrics, and perform ad-hoc analyses within your embedded Sigma environment.

Simple, secure authentication

Integrate with any existing authentication without additional SSO requirements for a quick and easy implementation.

Role-based access controls

With options from single and multi-tenant to dynamic role switching, define user permissions with granularity to ensure precise user access control.

Live query against CDW

Directly query your Cloud Data Warehouse for up-to-date insights and real-time interactive data.

Write-back to the cloud

Effortlessly incorporate human context into your analysis and securely write data back to your cloud data platform, all without writing any code.

“We’re projecting WageScape — powered by Sigma — will give us seven-digit revenue from new incremental sales in the first year of operations.”

Cary Sparrow
Founder & CEO, Greenwich.HR

Top teams choose Sigma.

See for yourself. Sigma is a G2 crowd favorite,
backed by countless reviews.

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