Why SaaS Companies Are Saying Goodbye to Looker for Embedded Analytics

February 23, 2023
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With insurance and pension companies relying on Slope Software for their cloud-native financial modeling ecosystem, the team needed a better (and simpler) way to manage and analyze the vast stores of data that feed in and out of their projections. 

In this Q&A style webinar, Slope Software CTO and Co-founder Taylor Perkins dives into how they overcame limited functionality and unnecessary complexity to quickly enhance analytics capabilities, save resources and drive business growth by 150% YoY. 

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The challenges Slope saw with Looker and why they switched BI tools 
  • How they increased their self-serve analytics user base by 200% 
  • How Slope uses Sigma for embedded analytics



Prashant Soral
Sr. Director, Enterprise Architecture at Sigma Computing
Taylor Perkins
Co-Founder and CTO Slope Software