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Next Generation Cloud Analytics Featuring Snowflake and Sigma

When all your data solutions are built from the ground up to optimize the benefits of the cloud, you break free from systems that inhibit your ability to innovate, scale, and grow your business.


Next Generation Analytics for Cloud Data Warehouses

Learn about Sigma's familiar spreadsheet interface and how it exposes the full power of modern cloud data warehouses to all of your users, without anyone needing to write code.


SQL and Spreadsheets: Bringing Them Together in the Cloud

Sigma makes Cloud Data Warehouse Analytics as accessible and approachable as a spreadsheet by utilizing proprietary Qwill technology to translate actions into queries.


Closing the Gap Between the Data Teams and Business Users

In today’s data-centric enterprises there are three primary groups of users working with data and analytics. Over the years the gap between the data engineers, analysts, business teams has continued to widen.


Sigma Exploration Engine - from Co-founder Jason Frantz

Learn how Sigma enables nimble exploration of all of the data in your cloud data warehouse via a unique spreadsheet-like interface.


Why Sigma? - From Co-founder Jason Frantz

Hear from Sigma Co-Founder Jason Frantz on why he set out to build Sigma.


Sigma for Self-Service BI Analytics

Organizations today face a data glut—but the ability to turn that data into insights continues to be stuck behind technical barriers. Sigma's spreadsheet-like interface makes the data warehouse accessible across your organization.


Opening up the World of Complex Analysis - from Product Marketer Erica Chase

You shouldn't have to know SQL in order to get answers from your data.


Dashboards That Actually Work - From Product Marketer Erica Chase

Are your dashboards a starting point or a stop sign?

Customer Stories

Navis Improves Its Maritime Cargo Operations Management

To help modernize their data infrastructure, and help every person connect with the data they need, Navis has deployed Sigma across all its business units.

Customer Stories


Quickly and accurately solve the biggest data challenges.

Customer Stories


The ease-of-use of Excel and the power of Snowflake.

Customer Stories


Immediate insights with no training or data wrangling.

Customer Stories


Everyone has the skills to answer deep data questions.

Customer Stories

Volta Charging Harnesses Data to Power Electric Vehicles

Volta Charging turned to Sigma to close the gap between Volta’s data experts and their business experts.


Easy JSON Unravelling

Sigma unlocks the benefits of semi-structured data. By empowering the business experts to explore and comprehend raw data, Sigma helps businesses ask more of their data.


Sigma for Web Analytics

Every business has a website. For many organizations, the website goes beyond being an information hub: it is the core of the business.

Customer Stories

Zumper Streamlines Its BI Process With Sigma

Sigma integrates into the workflow of teams across Zumper, helping them with everything from A/B testing to forecasting.

Customer Stories

Olivela Weaves Social Good From Its Luxury Fashion Data

Olivela’s business experts can work intimately with the company’s data without knowing how to code and without learning new, proprietary, complex analytics interfaces.

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