From Data to Decisions in Seconds

Sigma Workbooks accelerates data-driven decisions by putting the power of iterative analytics across billions of rows of cloud data directly into the hands of analysts, marketers, product managers, and cross-functional business teams.

The collaborative canvas enables everyone to iterate on analyses, create visualizations, tell data stories, and find answers to critical questions – all within a single place.

Get More Value Out of Data

Dashboards are mere status reports. They don’t answer complex questions and you can’t access the data to find what you need to move forward.

With Sigma, you can. Sigma empowers you to analyze data and make data-driven decisions on the fly.


With Sigma, Everyone Is Now an Analyst

  • The unified collaborative canvas increases team productivity
  • All of the live data in your cloud data warehouse is always available
  • Visually drill anywhere and calculate anything on billions of rows of data
  • Join, analyze, pivot, and collaborate with colleagues to quickly find answers without help from the BI team
  • Replace traditional slides, spreadsheets and word docs with live data storytelling within a single workbook
  • Get up and running in just minutes

Who is Sigma for?’s for business teams

A workspace for data-driven decision-makers with spreadsheets, visualizations, and text allowing you to:

  • Drill down into data within a chart and make calculations against billions of rows of data down to granular details without writing SQL or help from the BI team
  • Pull in all of your data sources for a holistic view and to curate your own data sets, iterate on analyses, model scenarios without scale limitations, and share data stories
  • Make data-driven decisions that optimize spend, save time, and drive predictable revenue for your business
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Business users collaborating on a spreadsheet report’s for analytics and BI

  • Iterate on in-depth analysis in a live, collaborative canvas across billions of rows of data in your cloud data warehouse
  •  Drill down anywhere to gain a granular view
  • Enable business teams to do complex ad hoc analysis independently so you can free up your daily workflow
  • Remove the need for extensive data modeling prior to analysis
  • Eliminate manual data updates across sources with a live cloud data warehouse connection
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A data analyst accessing live data from the cloud with sigma’s for data teams

  • Provide direct, scalable access to billions of rows of trusted data in the cloud data warehouse in real-time while maintaining security and governance
  • Prepare, model, and manage approved data sets for analysts and business teams to leverage without writing SQL
  • Realize the full potential of your cloud data warehouse and maximize the value of data assets by empowering everyone in the organization to answer their own questions
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An Engineer and Product Manager login to Sigma to access cloud data