Workbook Software Development Lifecycle with Version Tagging

Jack Qian

Software Engineer

When it comes to managing the software development lifecycle, the best practice is to version control the workbooks you’ve embedded in your application. We’ll go over what version tagging is, how to use it, and an example application.

What is Version Tagging?

Version Tagging is a new feature Sigma has developed to enforce stronger version control of workbooks. With Version Tagging, you will be able to safely develop workbooks, (especially embedded workbooks,) without worrying about making changes that could affect content already in use. You can safely quality assure and deploy changes without interrupting your Sigma workbook customers.

How to use Version Tagging

If you’re an admin in your Sigma organization, you can go to the Admin panel and create the tags you want for your workflows.

Now, the Creators in your organization can begin tagging their workbooks with the Production tag. What does that look like?

In the workbook view, a creator can click on “Tag this published version” to tag a copy of their workbook with your new “Production” tag.

Now you should be able to see the Production version of your workbook. You can continue working on the Draft and publishing new versions of your work without impacting the Production version that you’ve previously tagged.

You can also share just the tagged version of your workbook to other users and teams. You can also share tagged versions with your embedded teams. No more worrying about breaking your embeds or redirecting embed links!

When should I use Version Tagging?

If you’re managing several workbooks across multiple embeds, you can leverage version tagging to control how your embeds get updated. There are also APIs for version tagging that you can use to integrate into your own source code control system like Git or Bitbucket.

Version tagging can help improve deployment workflows for any application that is embedding Sigma workbooks. Even if you aren’t using embeds, you can still leverage Sigma workbooks to share important workbooks across your organization.

How do I get access?

Chat with your customer support representative to see if Version Tagging is right for you. From there, we can add you to our beta release and you can test out Version Tagging and see how it impacts your team's workflow. If you don’t have Sigma yet, chat with one of our friendly and helpful representatives to get your organization on Sigma.

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Where can I learn more about Sigma features and use cases?

Our online documentation is a great way to get high-level information on product features along with as much fine detail as you want.

Sigma QuickStarts provide “step-by-step” guides to using Sigma, exploring specific features and use-cases.