Drill Down Into Your Data

Drill Down charts are a powerful tool in reporting. It lets you explore different data slices in a way that feels natural.

Self Service BI

Most Companies Want Data-Driven Results, But They’re Holding Employees Back.

84% of enterprises make this mistake with their data. Here’s how you can avoid it.


February Product Update Round-Up

2019 has been a busy year with the release of several updates to make your life better. Read on for info on the exciting new things happening in Sigma.

Self Service BI

The Biggest Data Security Risk? Downloading Data to a Spreadsheet.

Companies spend millions on data security. But that spend can instantly be rendered useless by downloading data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Self Service BI

Sigma’s 2019 Cloud BI and Analytics Predictions

Despite forward momentum last year, BI adoption has yet to move beyond 30% of all employees. What lies ahead as companies seek to get data in the hands of business experts?

Self Service BI

Improving Data Accessibility Drives Results [Case Study]

The problem wasn’t lack of data — the problem is never lack of data. The problem was disconnected data and tools that weren’t designed for business users.


Charts Just Got Better

We’re starting 2019 with a big release that we think everyone will love: new and improved charts.

Tips & Tricks

Levels: Unlocking the Power of Sigma

Sigma makes cloud analytics as approachable as a spreadsheet and as powerful and expressive as SQL, and levels are the key.

Cloud Technology

Next Gen Enterprise Cloud BI & Analytics [CaseStudy]

Navis modernizes their data stack with Sigma and Snowflake. The size of the task should never stand in the way of implementing systems that will improve the efficiency and efficacy of your company.

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