April 12, 2022

Scaling Up Made Simpler With Sigma's New User Onboarding APIs

Deborah Chu
Software Engineer at Sigma Computing
Scaling Up Made Simpler With Sigma's New User Onboarding APIs

Scaling Up Made Simpler With Sigma's New User Onboarding APIs

Over a year ago, we launched the first APIs for Sigma. Since then we’ve come a long way, hitting several key milestones: we launched the next evolution of our core product, Sigma Workbooks, rich embedding capabilities, and support for powerful functions to perform Lookups and rollups. During this period, we have witnessed substantial growth with our product being adopted by large, data forward enterprise scale customers that have thousands of employees. In this context, it has become important for us to enable automation of administrative tasks to make onboarding with Sigma faster, easier and less prone to human error.

Starting today Sigma’s APIs will include a new collection of endpoints that provide support for Create, Read, Update and Delete operations on users, teams, connections, and workspaces, as well as assignment between these. These new endpoints will give developers in our customer organizations the tools to rapidly onboard large numbers of users and eliminate errors that inevitably occur with high-volume manual operations.

How the new API endpoints can help

Consider a customer with thousands of users external to the customer domain and hence not in their Identity Provider,  that are authenticated using login/password credentials. For instance, these could be Guest Users in Sigma that a customer has added. Today, the admin of the customer domain has to manually create accounts for these users. Each time they create a user, it's likely they have to create a workspace and assign the user to a team or create a team, if one does not exist. These manual operations quickly get tedious and error prone, slowing down deployment. With the onboarding APIs, the provisioning process for these 1000s of users can be scripted applying simple conditional logic as needed.  

We invite you to give Sigma and our new APIs a spin

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