Sigma’s 2019 Cloud BI and Analytics Predictions

It’s a pivotal moment for data. Despite forward momentum last year, Business Intelligence (BI) adoption has yet to move beyond 30% of all employees. What lies ahead as companies seek to get data in the hands of business experts?

Addressing the Adoption Gap

The promise of BI has under-delivered in our current tech climate. Each year, companies spend millions of dollars on data analytics tools, yet according to a Researchscape study, two-thirds of people still use Microsoft Excel to manipulate data. Clearly, something is missing.

Pervasive business intelligence remains elusive, with BI and analytics adoption at about 30% of all employees. 


Data Accessibility Remains an Issue

In the past year, we’ve seen the adoption of cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery skyrocket as companies take advantage of the elasticity, availability, and accessibility of cloud computing.

Traditional BI and analysis platforms have been slow to catch up, falling short in providing a way to access and analyze this data and meet the demands of a modern, data-driven organization. In a recent study, a staggering 52% of people said they have been unable to access the data they need to perform their job.

Change is in the Air

BI was invented to answer questions at the highest level of an organization. Since then, the needs of the BI community have evolved. The modern data economy demands more as companies dig deeper and ask more of their data. This year marks a change as the industry shifts and businesses look for new ways to take control of their data.

Today’s answers should not only help you steer decisions at the top, but also deliver the insight to shift the way your organization operates at every level.


2019 Cloud BI & Analytics Predictions

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Looking Ahead

We’re excited for what’s to come as companies continue to migrate to the cloud and invest in solutions to democratize data analysis. How can organizations address data adoption? What trends are emerging—and how will they affect your business?