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Meet the New Sigma

Cristina Bravo Olmo

VP of Marketing, Sigma

In addition to being beautiful, cranes are some of the most adaptable birds in existence. They are known to explore new environments and alter their diets to support their growth. 60 million years after they first entered the fossil record, cranes are found in nearly every part of the globe – enchanting and inspiring humanity across dozens of civilizations along the way.

Like the crane, we needed to explore and adapt to support our growth. Sigma has evolved beyond the traditional BI audience and has been embraced across industries, departments and roles. From marketers to data scientists, customer success folks to BI analysts, and social media mavens to CFOs, thousands of people are transforming the way they interact with data using Sigma.

After hundreds of conversations, dozens of interviews, and months of work by three external agencies and our own talented design team, we are proud to introduce a fresh new look for Sigma. Far from a simple website redesign, this is a complete reimagining of how we present ourselves to the world. We are excited to unveil this new visual identity that paves the way for the next phase of our journey.

The power of branding

Ask most people what a brand is and they would probably mention logos, typefaces, and colors. While those are certainly components of a brand, there is so much more involved. A brand is made up of everything that influences the way people feel when they engage with a company. Logos, colors, and taglines are simply tools that help shape the feelings towards it. Brands don’t live on billboards, computers, or printed pages – they live in hearts and minds.

Branding affects the thoughts, attitudes, and actions of people. And this is why it was so important for us to get it right. Because people are at the core of everything we do as a company.

A new look to advance our mission

Sigma’s purpose is to make data exploration, analytics, and business intelligence accessible to everyone. That’s why we splashed onto the scene with a bold, colorful look that set us apart from the rigid visuals and exclusive language used by incumbents in the space. We wanted people to see that exploring data could be fun and exciting, and we wanted to inspire those traditionally underserved by traditional BI tools to independently discover their own data insights.

Old brand visual identity

In an industry fueled by innovation, the landscape seems designed to keep people outside of its walls. Because traditional BI tools were built before modern cloud data warehouses, most focus their attention on a small group of people with analytics and business intelligence expertise. Our visual identity warmly invited everyone to join the data conversation.

It served its purpose, but now we are moving on to a new phase of our mission: to deliver an infinitely scalable yet easy-to-use analytics solution that takes full advantage of the power of the cloud.

Our new visual identity balances our bold, humans-first philosophy while reflecting a more sophisticated and polished aesthetic that is designed to instill the confidence we feel in the transformation we’re leading. As more companies trust us with their sensitive data, it’s critical that the brand exudes the same level of responsibility and integrity. Above all else, Sigma is committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, governance, and compliance.

Our (data-driven) process

The process began with an in-person workshop and 19 interviews with internal and external stakeholders consisting of team members, investors, board members, and customers. From the company founders to an employee of just four months, all were invited to share their interpretation of Sigma’s story.

To our surprise, the responses were incredibly consistent. More than 50% of participants used the word “empower” when discussing Sigma’s mission. From these conversations, two themes emerged that guided our visual explorations and design decisions:

  • We’re using the full potential of the cloud to transform how people interact with dataBecause Sigma is the only analytics tool purposely built for the cloud, we aren’t encumbered by the architectural limitations that our competition are. Sigma is uniquely scalable and offers direct access to the cloud data warehouse — no coding required.
  • We recognize the expertise of all users and give everyone a seat at the tablePeople aren’t able to do their jobs because they haven’t been given the tools they need to make data driven decisions. Instead, they are forced to rely on their BI team to answer all of their data questions for them. This adds unnecessary burden to everyone involved and impedes forward momentum. Sigma enables everyone to safely and independently explore data for themselves.

With these guiding principles in place, we began constructing the elements of the brand.

Unexpected colors that spark imagination

There are few things that influence human emotions more than color. Choosing the right mix of primary and secondary colors for the brand’s color palette was a foundational step.

New brand color palette

In keeping with the theme of inclusivity and fresh approaches, we looked beyond the blues that dominate brands to color families normally seen outside of the B2B world – fresh colors like lilacs, teals and corals. When used in front of the backdrop of our anchor colors of black and white, these tones are eye-catching and exhilarating. In a visceral way, it replicates the feeling of spotting patterns and trends when analyzing data in Sigma.

A flexible typeface that puts the emphasis on content

Our new typeface for all brand communications, National, has a friendly personality and humanist forms that allow for comfortable reading in both short and long form. It’s a deceptively simple sans serif with subtle details that give it a distinctive personality without being distracting.

Built for utility, National maintains readability at both large and small sizes.

Authentic photography that highlights connection

As the whimsical illustration trend continues to replace the use of photographs on SaaS company websites, Sigma is zigging while others zag – putting photos of people front and center.

The goal is highlighting connections between people, teams, and their data.

Photos used by the brand feature real people and real moments whenever possible. No filters. No staged emotions. Just natural moments, natural lighting, and natural colors.

Additionally, our brand photography highlights individuals from across roles, teams, and departments, emphasizing the collaborative approach to analytics that Sigma makes possible and its accessibility to a wide range of employees.

Simple illustrations and textures with a uniquely human touch

A flexible, object-based design system was developed to quickly generate eye-catching patterns. Geometric shapes of varying sizes represent data, ideas, and decisions and are juxtaposed by an organic, “amorphous texture” that represents free flowing insights and discovery.

Used across multiple applications, these unique patterns reinforce our purpose and represent the very heart of our brand.

Sigma Shapes

Shape Grid

Amorphous Texture

A distinctive logo that tells our story

After several explorations, we came back to our original brand symbol: the crane.

The crane is a fitting metaphor for everything we stand for. Just as the crane boldly explores new environments and adapts to changing circumstances, we strive to help people learn, grow, and thrive.

Primary color logo

All black logo for greyscale layouts

Primary color logo on black background

All white for greyscale layouts and when placed on an image

The triangles that comprise the crane represent data, coming together to form a dataset — which like the folds in origami, are malleable. We’ve paired the crane with a new, bold wordmark that strikes the perfect balance between clarity and warmth.

A website that embodies our values

The crown jewel of this rebranding effort, the new Sigma website, brings our values and philosophies to life. The website is often the first interaction people have with our brand, so it was vital for us to build a warm, inclusive, and exciting destination for our visitors.

It’s filled to the brim with rich imagery, illustrations, and animations. You’ll also notice a complete overhaul of our resource library of insightful ebooks, tutorial videos, and webinars that are designed to teach everyone how to analyze data and surface insights. We invite you to dive in and explore!

A visual identity that supports our vision

Our updated brand better aligns with our vision of a world where everyone has direct access to the data they need and can do meaningful analyses to fuel innovation, drive progress, and accelerate success. This new visual identity opens up the product itself to better deliver on that vision.

Empowering people to explore their data, wield the power of human curiosity to find answers for themselves, and surface impactful insights motivates us to push the boundaries of what people think is possible in BI. Over the next few months, we’ll release several new updates inspired by this philosophy. We can’t wait to see what our customers will achieve with them.

Like the crane in our brand symbol, adapting to a change is key to our growth. Sigma’s new branding is so much more than a visual refresh – it’s the rendering of our values and philosophies into a system that illuminates our path forward. We warmly invite you to join us for this new phase of our journey!

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