Meet Sigma’s New Slack App

Every day more than 10 million people around the world use Slack to communicate. Slack is a powerful tool that does wonders for team communication and collaboration— not to mention our shrinking email inboxes. And today Slack got even more powerful for Sigma customers with the newly available Sigma+Slack integration.


people around thew world use Slack to communicate.

With a few clicks, you can ditch your inbox and integrate Sigma with your company’s public Slack channel to start sharing scheduled reports, dashboards, and updates with your entire team. Slack notifications can be set up with any §Sigma worksheet on a single occurrence or recurring schedule. The app eliminates the need to open emails or manage a distribution list, keeping Sigma insights where they make the most sense for your team.

While you can customize your Slack integration to meet your team’s needs, here are a few ways Sigma customers already use the new app integration to solve recurring reporting and team communication:

  • Notify customer support teams about any tickets that closed during the week or share any current issues that remain open
  • Share new leads generated on a single day or week
  • Report recent website visitors
  • Share daily sales reports

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a Sigma customer, head on over the the Slack App Directory to install the Sigma app. Not a customer yet? No sweat. You can sign up for your free trial and use the Slack integration during your PoC.

Learn more about our Slack integration on the Slack App Directory or read our documentation.

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