Maximize Your Cloud Data Analytics with Sigma & Snowflake Usage Dashboards

Joe Goldberg 

Director of Product Marketing, Sigma

While all organizations want to become data-driven to make better decisions and improve the bottom line, most organizations are falling short according to the Harvard Business Review. In a recent survey of C-level technology and business executives, a full 69% of respondents reported that they had not created a data-driven organization.

Many organizations modernize their data analytics stack in the cloud as a first step towards a more data-driven operation— especially Analytics and Business Intelligence (A&BI) products and data warehouses. The move to products that are easier to use, leverage the cloud’s power for faster time-to-value, and provide greater flexibility and performance accelerate an organization’s ability to become data-driven. Sigma is among the leading cloud data analytics vendors chosen as part of this modernization effort, along with our partner Snowflake, which provides the data warehouse/platform.

It’s a massive leap in the right direction to deploy cloud technologies like Sigma and Snowflake. But Administrators of these technologies must take additional steps to gain visibility into how these solutions perform and whether they get adopted. As an Administrator, you can then take appropriate actions to drive and optimize usage and performance across your organization. Previously, this visibility could be challenging to obtain, but now it’s easy to achieve with Sigma and Snowflake Usage dashboards. These rich, interactive dashboards come out of the box to all Sigma customers and at no cost.

Sigma Usage Dashboards

The Sigma Usage Dashboards are a one-stop-shop for Sigma administrators to easily view and measure Sigma usage, engagement, queries run, performance, and more across users and teams. Administrators can then take appropriate steps such as driving more adoption across teams with low utilization rates, promoting the use of critical or popular visualizations, deprecating old or unused content, and tuning long-running queries. You can then realize the full ROI of Sigma across the broader organization, which can move you closer to being data-driven— and enable accurate decision-making to boost the bottom line.

Sigma Usage Dashboards are amazing! I really enjoy surfing through them and have already found things I didn’t even know users were actively building and what is being used heavily.

Data Engineer at a hardware and software company

Sigma Usage Dashboards include the following dashboards below. Each has multiple visualizations, filters, and other dashboard controls to help administrators quickly view the subset of data that matters most to them:

  • Users: Identify user status, activity, and licensing.
  • Teams: Explore teams, users per team, and teams per user.
  • User Leaderboard: Find the most active and most recent users.
  • Engagement: Track Daily Active Users (DAU) and Monthly Active Users (MAU) trends.
  • Dashboards: Discover the most frequently used dashboards and top dashboard users.
  • Query Summary: View a summary of queries, including total queries run, queries over 10 seconds, median query time, average query duration, queries by user type, query status, and timeouts.
  • Queries by Day: Examine query success, timeout rates, and runtimes, as well as the number of users running queries.
  • Query Performance: Investigate query performance trends.
  • Query Details: Analyze a detailed list of queries, including the user who ran the query, the document URL, query duration and status, and the full query text.

Find more details on the Sigma usage dashboards here, including where a Sigma administrator should go to view them in the user interface.

The screenshot below is of the “Users” dashboard. With it, Sigma administrators can measure usage trends to help drive adoption as needed. One way they could do this is by identifying power users that can help others become more data-driven. Administrators can also spot less active or inactive users, encourage them to re-engage with Sigma, provide additional training, and remove any other barriers that may prevent them from leveraging data to inform their daily decisions. If these users do not re-engage, their accounts can be given to other colleagues to ensure full usage and value of Sigma licenses.

With Sigma’s User Usage Dashboard, administrators can measure usage trends to help drive adoption as needed. 

The “Dashboards” dashboard below shows the top dashboards and dashboard users. Administrators can use this to identify popular content that perhaps should be promoted more heavily to help users accelerate time to insight. Administrators can also use this to quickly identify old, stale, and/or unused content and remove it, which is critical for data governance. Lastly, for very popular dashboards, if and as it makes sense, the administrator can then take actions to make the dashboard run more efficiently for faster loading and reduced compute costs. Actions could include using Sigma data sets, which reduce the complexity and length of SQL queries, to power these dashboards. In conjunction with data sets, the materialization capabilities of Sigma can also be used to materialize these data sets in the data warehouse for even less data warehouse compute costs and faster loading of dashboards.

With Sigma’s Dashboard Usage Dashboard, administrators can identify popular content that should be promoted to help users accelerate time to insight. 

One more screenshot is below, and it is for the “Query Performance” dashboard. Sigma administrators can use it to examine query performance, troubleshoot issues, and optimize long-running queries.

For example, with a single click, the administrator can identify the queries that take the longest time to complete and then take appropriate steps to accelerate them and cut compute costs in the process. Accelerating the queries could be done by actions such as examining the query to ensure it’s written efficiently, or by taking advantage of Sigma data sets and materialization mentioned in the prior section.

With Sigma’s Query Performance Usage Dashboard, administrators can examine query performance, troubleshoot issues, and optimize long-running queries.

Seeing user activity in Sigma in GREAT. It’s exactly what I have been needing to understand usage patterns and to identify long-running queries.

Head of Data at an eLearning company

Snowflake Usage Dashboards

The ability to help Administrators maximize the value of their cloud data analytics stack doesn’t stop with Sigma. For Sigma customers that also use Snowflake as their data warehouse, Sigma offers out-of-the-box Snowflake Usage Dashboards that enable Snowflake Administrators to easily track Snowflake compute cost, manage user adoption, and monitor performance. These dashboards connect to and visualize data from the Snowflake ACCOUNT_USAGE table, and you can set them up with a few clicks in under 5 minutes! They also contain filters and parameters so administrators can quickly see data presented in the manner that they desire.

The three Snowflake dashboards include:

  • Compute Costs – Tracks cost by warehouse and over time (month, week, day of week, hour, and more)
  • User Adoption – Over time, see users and queries per user. Also view most active and most recent users, users per warehouse, and users per database
  • Performance Monitoring – Tracks database, warehouse, and individual query performance

With these dashboards, Snowflake administrators can dial in performance, understand if users are adopting the solution, and steer the organization to become data-driven. This new capability allows organizations to better track costs, and ensure Snowflake credits get used appropriately by the organization.

To see a short demo of how to set up the Snowflake Usage Dashboards and what they look like, click “play” on the image below.

With Sigma’s Snowflake Usage Dashboard, administrators can easily track Snowflake compute cost, manage user adoption, and monitor performance.

Maximize the value of your cloud data analytics stack today

If you are a Sigma administrator, log into your account now to start using Sigma Usage Dashboards and set your organization up to realize the data-driven dream. Joint Snowflake customers can also try out our Snowflake Usage Dashboards. These dashboards will help you get the most out of your cloud data analytics stack with Sigma and Snowflake!

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