Infographic: Get Ready to Reimagine Your Analytics Workflow

Rachel Serpa

Director of Content Marketing, Sigma

Traditional data analytics workflows are a vicious cycle of high-level dashboards, BI request queues, complicated SQL, extensive data modeling, manual workarounds, and siloed data extracts. This time-consuming approach to analytics doesn’t cut it in our new normal of constant change, collaborative problem-solving, and real-time decision making.

Traditional BI tools simply weren’t built for the speed, scale, and complexity of today’s world. That’s why data-driven teams are reimagining their analytics workflows by building a modern analytics stack — one purpose-built for the cloud and all it has to offer.

Cloud-native analytics solutions empower teams across finance, sales, marketing, and more to independently investigate live data at scale, easily find answers to ad hoc questions, and work together to get to the heart of complex problems in real-time.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about the cloud analytics ecosystem, tips for avoiding the traps of outdated workflows, and the results leading companies are seeing with modern analytics.

Ready to update your analytics workflow?