Get Answers in the Right Place at the Right Time with New Conditional Scheduling

Joe Goldberg

Director of Product Marketing, Sigma

How much time do you think you’ve wasted toggling between applications to manually check — and sometimes obsessively refresh — a dashboard to see if a condition has been met? Imagine how much time you would save and how much faster you could act if insights were automatically sent to you the moment they were most valuable. For example, real-time insights could be the difference between pivoting a marketing campaign to become a great success and wasting thousands of dollars on a plan that isn’t performing as expected.

This is why we’re excited to debut Conditional Scheduling in Sigma! This new feature allows you to easily schedule the export of Sigma worksheets, visualizations, or dashboards to the recipient(s) or location(s) you determine when conditional criteria you establish are met and only when that criteria is met. With Conditional Scheduling, you get the data and context when and where you need it to take fast action to improve the bottom line. Your inbox and Slack is spared clutter from unnecessary exports, and there is no need to have to log into Sigma or refresh a dashboard to get the timely information you desire. Sigma does the work for you.

Real-time insights and context when you need it

Conditional Scheduling builds upon the existing scheduling capabilities in Sigma. You can still set up worksheets or dashboards to get automatically exported/sent to you and your team on a regular, recurring schedule.

What’s new to Sigma’s scheduling is the ability to trigger exports when a specific condition is met. The configurable conditions are granular, and depend on the type of data being scheduled and the available data. They could include only exporting if a value in a worksheet column or dashboard visualization is equal/greater/below a certain value. Or exporting only if there is, or is not, data in a certain column.

And unlike the conditional scheduling/alerting of other BI tools which only mention that a condition has been met, Sigma can also send you the underlying dashboards and worksheets within an email or Slack message so you can immediately see the full picture without having to log into the BI tool. This critical context allows you to take swift, targeted actions to improve business performance and outcomes.

You can find more details in the Sigma documentation, and a screenshot of the Sigma scheduling UI below, with the new conditional scheduling capabilities at the bottom.

Sigma’s new conditional scheduling feature triggers exports to when a specific condition is met on an individual visualization, dashboard, or worksheet.

For example…

So, what would a conditional schedule from Sigma look like in practice and how would you use them to drive to targeted actions and increased profits? Let’s look at a few real-life scenarios.

  • A Marketing Director gets notified when a multi-touch campaign experiences an unexpected spike in spend over a certain dollar amount and receives context on which channel is driving the majority of the overage and how conversion rates compare. Then they can determine how to best reallocate budget across channels.
  • A Sigma Admin gets a Slack message automatically sent to them when a key data source powering a critical dashboard stops showing data. This way the Admin can immediately start working with the data warehouse team to get the data pipeline fixed.
  • A Sales VP at a software company can be alerted the moment a deal closes, along with which rep(s) worked on it and the pertinent deal notes, so they can work with the rep to ensure the new customer is onboarded and trained quickly to drive adoption.
  • An Accounts Receivable Analyst can be notified when an invoice over a certain dollar amount is 90 days past due and also receive information on who to contact to collect the payment, keeping the company’s cash flow maximized and properly allocated.

Sigma Scheduling

Sigma’s scheduling capabilities are truly unique and powerful. Exports can be scheduled on a custom, hourly, daily, or monthly schedule and at a specific time of day. Exports, whether on a fixed schedule or conditional schedule, can be created for individual visualizations, a worksheet, or a complete dashboard. Visualizations and dashboards can be sent as PDFs or an image, while worksheets can be sent as PDFs, images, CSVs, or Excel Spreadsheets. All three can be delivered to Slack, email, Google Drive, or a Google Sheet.

Finally, Sigma scheduled exports uphold our mission to modernize data governance by effectively balancing both data access and governance. Regardless of what type of export you schedule or who it is sent to, you can rest assured that it will adhere to established access roles and permissions.

Start receiving alerts today

If you’re a current Sigma customer, log into your account now to start using Conditional Scheduling to ensure your dashboards and worksheets are automatically sent to the right place, at the right time — when they’re valuable and actionable!

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