Extending Sigma’s Value Across Your Cloud Data Ecosystem

Shane Pearson

Sr. Director Product Marketing, Sigma

As the volume and variety of data being used by enterprises has grown over the last decade, so has the number of companies shifting from on-prem to cloud-based data storage and management. Spurred by this ongoing migration, the majority of leading enterprises will rely on a cloud data warehouse as part of their strategic cloud-based analytics and business intelligence capabilities in the near future.

As the first analytics and business intelligence solution built to run natively inside your cloud data warehouse, Sigma has always been dedicated to helping organizations maximize the value of their cloud data warehouse investment. Using Sigma, companies are able to accelerate time to business insight for data inside their warehouses, as well as give teams direct, real-time data access regardless of their coding capabilities.

This week, we’re excited to share two new Sigma features that extend Sigma’s value across teams, use cases, and applications in your cloud data ecosystem.

Model Data Once, Use It Anywhere

Datasets in Sigma contain curated data that’s ready for exploration, and are a flexible way for data teams to build centralized data definitions and guide self-service analysis for business team users. They provide administrative control while giving business domain experts freedom to find, add, and trust new data.

Datasets function as reusable pieces of analysis that allow users to build on the work others have done and share insights across teams in Sigma. And now, they can be used outside Sigma too!

With Sigma’s new Dataset Warehouse Views, Snowflake and BigQuery users can enable Sigma to automatically create live, corresponding SQL views for data they model in Sigma as Datasets. They can then query these Datasets directly from the warehouse for use across other internal and external systems and applications, creating a single source of truth for the entire data ecosystem.

Many Sigma customers have already adopted and begun experiencing the benefits of Dataset Warehouse Views, including driver safety services and technology provider Agero, Inc. “The new Dataset Warehouse Views feature has been a huge time-saver for us – we model the data once and can use it anywhere,” says Michael Bell, Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics at Agero. “The key benefit is that you don’t have to be a specialist to contribute to data modeling and curation, which allows us to iterate more quickly and collaborate more effectively.”

To learn more about Dataset Warehouse Views, visit our help docs.

Jump Start Your Data Analysis

One of Sigma’s company values is “Be Smarter Together.” We truly believe businesses save valuable time and make better decisions when people share knowledge and build on each other’s work.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Sigma templates — pre-built starting points to work with your data sources. Now Sigma can share pre-built dashboards, datasets, and worksheets with our customers and partners.

Templates make it faster and easier to build new, complex analyses, as well as extend the value of Sigma to teams who may not have the bandwidth or know-how to create them from scratch.

While Sigma and our partners are busy building out a library or templates for data connections, dashboards, and worksheets to support the most common use cases, three templates are available today:

  • Snowflake Account Usage: A pre-built dashboard and worksheets from secure data connections to pull account billing information directly from a Snowflake instance.
  • Snowflake User Adoption: A pre-built dashboard and worksheets from secure data connections to pull user adoption information directly from a Snowflake instance.
  • Snowflake Performance Monitoring: A pre-built dashboard and worksheets from secure data connections to track database, warehouse, and individual query performance.

Visit our help docs to learn more about how to enable these templates in your Sigma account.

Maximize Your Cloud Data Warehouse Investment

Whether you’ve already invested in cloud data infrastructure or are planning to take the first step, the ability to extend data analysis and insights across applications, teams, and use cases is critical to the long-term success and scalability of your organization.

If you’re already a Sigma customer, log into your account now to start using Sigma Datasets across your cloud data ecosystem. Joint Snowflake customers can also try out our Snowflake Account Usage template! Have a question? Reach out to your Sigma account representative, or email us at

Maybe these features piqued your interest, but you’ve never tried Sigma. That’s okay! We offer a free 14-day trial so you can see what we’re all about. Sign up and connect your cloud data warehouse to try Dataset Warehouse Views and templates during your trial.

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