Drill-down charts are a powerful tool in reporting. It lets you explore different data slices in a way that feels natural. People are naturally curious, and drill down charts can give quick answers to the question “Huh, what’s going on here?”

What is a drill-down chart?

A drill down is when you click through a chart to see different hierarchies of data. This could be clicking on the year displayed in a graph and then seeing the data laid out by month, or clicking on a region to see data about the countries in that region.

Sigma drills through any hierarchy you set up.

You can drill through bar charts, line charts, pie charts, scatter charts and area charts. Simply set up your drill path in the Axis, then set up the data aggregation in the Value section of your chart. Utilizing the chart aggregation functions help you accurately calculate the value for every level.

Drill downs are an easy way to lay out yearly sales reports or show sales according to region. Once you try them, you’ll want to use them all the time.

Ready to get started? Learn how to set up drill-down charts in our How To section.