April Product Update Round-Up

Sigma adds a Slack integration, user management updates, better maps, and more.

Last month, our product team worked on a series of improvements to make Sigma easier to adopt at the organizational level.

Read on to learn about our new Slack app, cell level filtering, custom styles for maps, and easier user management.

 Share Sigma Insights on Slack

Work happens on Slack, and now Sigma does too. Send images, PDFs or data exports via one off or scheduled Slack Messages using our new Slack Integration. Want to install the app? Read our documentation or learn more here.

 Speed up Onboarding with Whitelisted Domains

It’s never been easier to onboard new Sigma users. With domain whitelisting, set up account access for anyone with a company email—no invitation required. Learn how to whitelist domains.

Managing users also got a little easier. Filter your users based on status and join data. Reactivate users with ease.

 Filter with One Click

You can now quickly apply filters to specific values from your sheet. Right-click on a cell with a value and choose to create a filter that includes or excludes the value.

Switch between different views of your data with ease. Use the switch on the left to disable the filter without deleting it. Turn it back on with a click.

 Getting Better All the Time

  • Embed dashboards and charts in the context they are most useful. Our customers have been using Sigma dashboards in their internal wikis, Salesforce instances, and more. Read about how our customers are using embedding.
  • Add more detail and style to your map charts. This month, we’ve added a detail field, enabled custom Map Box styles, and made other improvements to maps. Check out everything maps can do.

 New Functions

  • Create equally sized buckets, great for making histogram-like graphs, with the new function BinFixed.
  • Pad or truncate strings to the specified length with LPad and RPad.
  • Find the hash value of a string with MD5.

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