June 2020

Survey Report: Breaking Down The Data Language Barrier

Venn Diagram of Data and Statements resulting in more Questions

Bridging the gap between data and business teams

Insight-driven companies are growing 8x faster than global GDP.¹ But surfacing these transformational insights requires the collaboration and cooperation of two very different groups of people: those with data expertise and those with business domain expertise.

We surveyed 801 data experts and 800 line of business employees to learn more about the ways growing organizational pressure to be data driven is impacting these two groups.

In addition to uncovering mutual frustrations due to a growing data language barrier, this report explores the desire to collaborate on both sides, as well as sheds light on how businesses can improve overall performance by better supporting these teams.

Key statistics include:

  • 39% of business domain experts admit they’re “not totally sure” what it means to be data-driven in their organization.
  • Three-quarters (76%) of data experts say up to half (49%) of their time is spent preparing ad-hoc reports for business teams.
  • 1 in 4 business experts have given up on getting an answer they needed because the data analysis took too long.
  • 46% of data experts admit their lack of domain expertise gets in the way of delivering the most accurate or relevant data models and/or reports.

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