Sigma for Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Clean. Secure. Governed.
In a word — ready.

For Data Teams

With just one tool, data teams can now balance security and productivity — quickly providing clean, reliable data that adds value to business and frees up time for the jobs that matter most.

Fulfill the real potential of the cloud

The cloud data warehouse has the power to fundamentally change the way we work with data at scale. But legacy BI tools were simply not designed with the CDW in mind and fail to leverage its full potential.

Sigma was built from the ground up solely to live in the cloud. It’s been optimized to take the full performance potential of the CDW and present it in one intuitive, powerful cloud business intelligence tool.

The best of both worlds

Data teams know that the security and integrity of data is their top priority, but business users and analysts also need access quickly and easily if that data is to add real business value.

Sigma’s cloud-based solution for BI ensures that all data is secure and governed because it never leaves the CDW. There’s no need to extract data for analysis and permissions are set and inherited from the row level up.

“Using Sigma to answer questions from BigQuery has allowed us to become a data-driven company, and as a result we’ve grown our sales 4x since incorporating these tools into our decision making process.”

Eli Allen CTO at Curtsy

For ABI Teams

The cloud data warehouse (CDW) has the potential to offer analysts access to infinite insights, but legacy BI tools are simply not able to take advantage of this power at scale. Sigma is different.

Start doing your actual job

Question after question, creating dashboard after dashboard — your business users are always hungry for more. But what if they could help themselves to answers? What could you do with that extra time?

Sigma frees you from repetitive ticket handling because business users are able to discover their own answers in a safe environment — letting you get on with genuine data science and adding value to the business.

The shortest distance between two points

Analysts want to leverage the power and scalability of the cloud data warehouse, but having to use multiple, disconnected legacy BI tools creates frustrating bottlenecks that disrupt productivity.

Sigma places everything analysts need in just one tool that interacts with data directly in the cloud — at any scale — for radically enhanced productivity and performance.