Sigma vs. ThoughtSpot

Stop searching. You’ve found a new tool.

See how Sigma delivers answers to unexpected questions.

Spot a gap in your analysis? ThoughtSpot requires:

  • Extensive Modeling
  • High Maintenance
  • Keyword Search Complications

Sigma delivers true self-service analytics. 


  • Empowers cloud self-service analytics in a governed and familiar UI: the spreadsheet.
  • Frees data and BI teams from managing extensive modeling and complex business logic.
  • Enables business users to freely drill down to row-level data at massive scale.
  • Combine warehouse data, CSVs, and input new data - even in an embedded context.
  • CSAT: 4.8. Real-time dedicated in-app support for your entire organization in minutes. Thirty-minute dedicated office hours over Zoom to all accounts.


  • Search can only answer simple questions. AI loses credibility with obvious answers.
  • Search indexing and AI features incur additional compute cost.
  • Collaboration is disconnected, there is no capability to merge content.
  • Embedding does not allow write-back.
  • Business users still exporting to Excel.


Alice + Olivia
Conagra Brands
Fresh Clean Threads
Party City
REI Co-op
Serena and Lily
Alice + Olivia
Conagra Brands
Fresh Clean Threads
Party City
REI Co-op
Serena and Lily

Real-time support in minutes, not days

“The support team is nailing it, it's really good support. Please keep it and even if you make it "VIP Treatment," then we want to be VIP. We love your live support.”

Nan Xiao
CTO, Greenland Capital Management

“There hasn't been a single data question I haven't been able to answer in Sigma once I engage the support team for help.”

Mathew Jennings
Director, Orennia

“What really helped make my life easier in making the case for Sigma was the thought, effort, and responsiveness that your team put in whereas the competition simply lacked that level of depth!”

Orr Sergev
Director of Analytics, OpenWeb

Why Companies Choose Sigma Over ThoughtSpot

A Cloud-Native Start With Sigma

Sigma's generational differentiator from previous BI tools is being born in the cloud, keeping the modern cloud data platform in mind. Sigma will never hold or persist any of your data. Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interactions produce machine-generated SQL code that is executed live against your warehouse. Sigma's cloud-native architecture allows us to provide lower cost per user at scale and rapidly deploy innovative features such as: 

  • New Spreadsheet Functions
  • Drill Anywhere
  • Live Edit Collaboration
  • "Bring Your Own Data" with Input Tables

Trial Our Embedding Capability Today

Embed evaluations are a snap with Sigma. Our in-app chat support and documentation ensure you can stand up a functional embedded Sigma workbook as soon as you connect to your cloud data platform. Sigma’s embedded functionality further differentiates itself with features including:

  • End User “Save As” Capability
  • JSON Parsing
  • Enterprise Security

A Language and Interface Teams Already Know and Love

Whether your data experts prefer spreadsheets or SQL, they’ll be able to immediately get started with Sigma. ThoughtSpot requires extensive upfront mapping for search functionality to work as expected for pre-planned questions. Sigma gives everyone—including non-technical users—the ability to query the data warehouse for completely new analysis with familiar formulas and functions.

Explore our customer stories

“What would potentially take us three weeks [with our legacy tool] is down to a day or two with Sigma—which is more than 90% in time savings.”

Tyler Lawson

Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Workato