Data Analytics for Retail Merchandising

Harness the full power of your retail data to understand buyers, personalize offers, influence their purchase decisions, and maximize revenue.

You’re under extreme pressure to attract new shoppers, increase basket sizes, promote more profitable products, and drive customer retention. This requires going beyond gut instincts and understanding shoppers faster, at a deeper level, and across more touch points than ever before. 

But your spreadsheets keep crashing under millions of data points from dozens of sources. You ask your BI team for help, but they send you to the back of their request queue. And the high-level retail dashboards they give you lead to more questions than answers. There has to be a better way!

In this free playbook, we dive into three data-driven techniques for:

  • Improving product affinity and market basket analysis
  • Product mix and placement strategies that drive conversions
  • Recommendation engine optimization and personalization
Playbook - Learn 3 ways leading retailers use analytics to thrive through disruption

Why Retail Merchandisers Love Sigma

Understand shoppers across the full journey

Sigma makes it easy to get a holistic view of consumer behavior and truly understand your best customers from first-touch through retention. Easily combine, curate, and analyze data from across inventory systems, ad platforms, merchandising applications, and any other source. Crunch through billions of rows of retail big data in seconds thanks to the limitless speed, scale, and power of the cloud.

Anticipate demands and predict outcomes

Sigma connects directly to your BI team’s cloud data platform, so data is always live and ready to fuel personalized and on-trend customer experiences. Plus, the data underpinning your analyses automatically stays up to date, so you can revisit and reuse them whenever you want, no requests for updated extracts required. Stop waiting in BI’s request queue and get direct access to the data you need when you need it!

Make data-driven decisions that deliver revenue

Sigma’s spreadsheet-like user interface empowers everyone to go beyond the dashboard and get answers from their data — no coding expertise required. Drill into data down to the individual transaction level using familiar, Excel-like formulas and functions. Independently explore and gain insight into basket analysis, profitable products, top customer segments, highest-converting channels, and other retail data analytics.

Market Basket Analysis in Under 3 Minutes!

Identifying consumer purchase patterns and relationships between products requires granular analysis across billions of data points — a process that can take weeks. Sigma empowers merchandisers to conduct market basket analysis in minutes, so you can personalize experiences, optimize product placement, and develop better cross-sell strategies on demand.


We use Sigma to quickly surface information about our inventory position which enables our sales and planning teams to make the best decisions possible.

Tophi Rose Director of Analytics, Data at Lovepop