On-demand Webinar

What’s New in Sigma

October 2020

We want to ensure you realize the full value of Sigma and do the best possible analytics to improve your bottom line. So our “What’s New in Sigma’ webinar lets you learn about our latest features and capabilities and how you can use them to get the most out of Sigma.

This October 2020 edition will include in-depth demos of our latest capabilities, how they work, and how they deliver business value to you and your organization. New capabilities include:

  • Conditional Scheduling Schedule Sigma worksheets or dashboards to be sent to the recipient and destination of your choice when data conditions are met
  • Interactive Charts Visually highlight and filter multiple charts in a dashboard with a single click to get to faster insight
  • Sigma Usage Dashboards Provide insight into Sigma adoption, query performance, and popular content so you can optimize usage of Sigma
  • Filter improvements Advanced filtering capabilities now make it faster and easier to get to the precise data needed to get to answers and insight.
  • OAuth with Snowflake For easier management and better security, leverage permissions established in Snowflake and a customer’s Oauth provider
  • AWS PrivateLinkTraffic between Sigma and a cloud data warehouse on AWS stays on a private connection and off the public Internet