On-Demand Webinar

What’s New in Sigma

February 2021

Do more with your data with Sigma’s new mapping of regional data, more control over email exports, easier recovery of deleted documents, and more!

Curious to learn about the newest Sigma features and capabilities that can ensure you get the most out of Sigma and your analytics to improve the bottom line? This February 2021 edition will include in-depth demos of our latest capabilities, how they work, and how they deliver business value to you and your organization. New capabilities include:

  • Mapping geographical data by region: Map over a wider variety of data, including countries and US state names, US state shortcodes, and US county data.
  • Display up to 50k value points on any map chart: Increased the max value points, each representing a row of data, from 25k to 50k for richer map charts.
  • Deleted documents can now be easily recovered: With a single click, Admins can easily recover deleted worksheets, dashboards, and datasets.
  • Organization Admins can now limit email export recipients by domain: Helps ensure sensitive data is not sent to inappropriate external recipients.
  • Admin Portal includes dashboard badging usage: Use to analyze if and how badges are being used for your organization’s most popular dashboards.