On-demand Webinar

Managing Market Volatility with Cloud Data Analytics

Times of economic uncertainty can mean rapid growth for some industries and unexpected decline for others.

According to analyses done by firms like Harvard Business Review and Bain & Company, businesses that thrive both during and after economic downturns share a core set of characteristics. These companies focus on optimizing operational efficiencies, meet their customers where they are, and practice agile decision making.

The key to unlocking these critical capabilities? The power to effectively access, analyze, and activate data insights.

Watch as Payload CTO Chris Lambert shares how Payload uses Snowflake and Sigma to evaluate and expand their market, respond quickly to opportunities, and drive efficiencies for customers. Experts from Sigma and Snowflake will also be on the line to showcase related cloud data analytics capabilities and answer any questions you may have.

Plan on learning:

  • How Payload reduced time to data insight from 4-6 days to 4-6 hours
  • The ins and outs of Sigma’s new Embedded Analytics feature
  • How to pull relevant third-party data into your analyses using Snowflake’s Data Marketplace
  • Best practices to unlock operational efficiencies, customer insights, and business agility


  • Chris Lambert, CTO @ Payload
  • Carlos Bouloy, Sr. Solutions Architect @ Snowflake
  • Ali Sayeed, Solutions Engineer @ Sigma

Watch the Webinar: