Reimagine the Retail Analytics Ecosystem with Snowflake + Sigma

Online shoppers can abandon carts, Google your competitors, and check out faster than you can say “coupon code.” Creating competitive customer experiences that convert requires enabling retail marketers and merchandisers to make data-driven decisions on demand.

Traditional BI tools and workflows weren’t built for the scale and speed of this always-on world. But thanks to the cloud, new technologies have emerged that empower non-technical retail employees to independently analyze data across sources and find answers to their questions in real time.

Sigma is built so teams of all skill levels can:

  • Make data-driven decisions confidently and on demand
  • Modernize their retail data ecosystem
  • Improve customer experiences

Leading retailers need to explore data quickly and collaborate effectively to stay ahead of the competition. That’s why a modern, powerful analytics workflow is no longer an accessory but a must-have.

Check out our infographic breakdown of a modern retail analytics workflow and see why leveraging data with Sigma leads to increased sales, optimized inventory, and delighted customers.

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