Marketing Play #2

Target Your Highest Value Prospects for Maximum ROI

Marketers have more sophisticated tools and greater access to data than ever before. But along with these expanding capabilities comes increasing expectations. Today’s C-suite and sales teams demand marketing leaders move beyond simple tactic-level thinking to strategic thinking that aligns with larger business goals and ultimately drives revenue.

Target segment analysis is a critical skill for identifying your most valuable prospects, improving your campaign targeting, and optimizing your messaging for maximum conversions.

But traditional tools make it difficult to properly segment audiences in meaningful ways. Cohort analysis is often difficult to execute, requiring extensive coding and several laborious steps. This leaves marketers with overly broad audiences, ineffective campaigns, and low quality leads.

Loaded with actionable strategies and insights, this marketing play is your no-fluff, easy-to-implement guide to target segment analysis so you can target your most valuable customers and prospects. In this guide, we explore:

  • The five most common segmentation techniques
  • How to identify core metrics with dollar-based outcomes
  • 3 essential cohort analysis capabilities to focus on
  • How Migo was able to increase campaign response by 47%

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