Fine-tune Your Funnel

How Modern Marketers Use BI to Accelerate Campaign Conversions

Learn the six steps marketers can follow to get an end-to-end view of the customer journey and increase conversions.

A little friction between sales and marketing is to be expected at any organization. But if sales is struggling to close deals and pipeline isn’t being generated, this should raise some red flags to the marketing team that there are serious gaps in their funnel.

The solution to fixing the funnel and mending the relationship with sales lies in an unlikely place: the BI team’s data stack. Successful marketers use data analytics to get a 360º view into the customer journey so they can measure marketing impact from awareness through advocacy.

This ebook provides a step-by-step blueprint for marketers to fine tune their funnel and get in sync with sales — from determining the highest value prospects to attributing campaign ROI across dozens of channels. Download your free copy to learn:

  • How to get a 360º view of your data
  • Tactics to identify the best prospects
  • The 5 key metrics marketers need to pay attention to
  • Proven strategies for turning customers into advocates

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