3 Essential Plays to Transform Yourself from a Tactical to Strategic Marketer

In today’s real-time economy, yesterday’s tactics just aren’t cutting it. The customer journey has expanded to dozens of touch points across multiple, siloed platforms that generate billions of data points.

Generating impactful results requires taking a more strategic approach. Leading marketers are leveraging all of the data at their disposal to identify their top performing prospects, connect with them in cost-effective ways, and tailor brand messaging to personalize the experience across the entire customer journey.

Brought to you by data experts from Sigma and Snowflake, this ebook dives into three essential marketing plays loaded with actionable insights and step-by-step guidance:

  • Nail your marketing spend attribution for better ROI and improved decision making
  • Target your highest value prospects for increased conversions and higher LTV
  • Build a customer journey 360 to deliver personalized and seamless experiences

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