Embedded Analytics

The world’s first live, embedded spreadsheet
….and yep, we also have dashboards! Delight customers, partners, and employees by providing them with data and insight where they want it.



Application builders can focus on creating great user experiences and get product out the door fast, instead of worrying about analytics infrastructure or learning new programming languages


Customers, partners, and employees stay engaged within your application with live, relevant data and analytics to explore and make data driven decisions off of


Leverage embedded analytics and the value they generate to create premium data products that generate new revenue streams

Embedded Analytics Example

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Key Capabilities and Benefits

Embedded Spreadsheet

Embed an intuitive, spreadsheet-like interface powered by live data for deep data analysis.

  • Data to the lowest level of detail
  • Pivot tables
  • Spreadsheet-like formulas, functions and calculations

Go Beyond the Dashboard

Click through a dashboard to freely explore live, underlying data to answer additional questions.

  • Drill-anywhere, or fixed drill paths for a guided experience
  • Spreadsheet-like, intuitive interface

Fast Time to Value

Embedded analytics up and running within a day.

  • No proprietary programming languages
  • Simple URL to embed analytics
  • Fully-managed SaaS
  • Quick, no-code data modeling

Uniquely Scalable

Optimal user experience and fast ad-hoc data exploration is made possible by near unlimited scale and speed.

  • Fast ad-hoc queries against up to hundreds of billions of rows of data
  • Queries sent to cloud data warehouse for execution

Enterprise Grade Security

Granular control over what viewers can see and do, including seeing and exploring only their data.

  • Access permissions, object and row-level security options, and one-time signed URLs
  • Multiple authentication options including through an external application

“Sigma’s embedding solution allowed us to create an entirely new revenue stream and now plays a key role in generating and closing new business.”

Chris Lambert CTO at Payload