Embedded Analytics

Sigma’s embedded analytics capabilities extend, accelerate, and monetize the value of your data by securely embedding dynamic dashboards and analysis in internal, external, and custom applications or portals. App builders and product teams can focus on building great user experiences and monetizing data, not on reporting and analytics infrastructure. 

We Feel Your Pain Building Embedded Dashboards and Analytics

Building them requires too much time, money, and resources

Not to mention, manually managing authentication, governance, and security for embedded dashboards is just plain painful for time-strapped application builders and data teams. Plus, you can spend significant time trying to get them to scale to thousands of viewers, but still come  up short.

Limitations of embedded analytics offered by other vendors:

Require proprietary, expensive coding knowledge and can be time-consuming to build. Dashboards often are non-interactive or lack the ability for the viewer to drill into a visualization and get to the underlying data to do deeper analysis.

Embedded Analytics Now: The Sigma Approach

Sigma enables the simple creation of secure, interactive, flexible dashboards and visualizations with unlimited scale that can be embedded into internal or external apps, with the option for viewers to analyze the underlying data to gain more insight. App builders can focus on building great user experiences, not on reporting and analytics infrastructure.

Fast and cost-effective to build and customize

Embedded analytics are easy and fast to iterate and build at a low cost, requiring no coding. Resulting dashboards are customizable and dynamic, and can range from multiple dashboards to a single visualization.

Meet data consumers where they are

Embed contextually-relevant analytics directly in the applications and workflows that employees, partners, or customers use, such as customer-facing mobile apps or partner web portals.

Live, interactive dashboards

Present interactive dashboards powered by live data from your cloud data warehouse. Visualizations can be visually filtered, or clicked into to analyze the underlying data.

Protect data while providing access

Control over who can see what in the embedded analytics, including the ability for end viewers to securely view only their own data while not needing a Sigma login.

Embedded Analytics Example

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Embedded Analytics Features

Dynamic, interactive dashboards and charts

Real-time dashboards with controls, including filters and input parameters, that give viewers the ability to easily interact with and filter the data to get to quick insight.

Explore and analyze beyond the dashboard

“Explore” option to enable viewers to click through a dashboard and use a spreadsheet-like interface to freely explore, analyze and visualize the underlying data down to the lowest level of detail, or a row.

Highly customizable to meet your needs

Control and customize the look and feel of embedded dashboards with a wide range of pre-built themes and layouts, chart types, data tables, colors, fonts and more.

Access roles & permissions

Access permissions, object and row-level security options, and one-time signed URLs ensure viewers can see and act on only specific data values, subsets, and controls.

Multiple authentication options

Choose to require authentication via Sigma or an Identity Provider, through an external application, or not at all for public viewing.

Unlimited scale and speed

All user actions are converted into SQL queries and sent to the cloud data warehouse for execution, enabling near unlimited scale and speed, including fast queries against up to hundreds of billions of rows of data.