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The Ultimate Guide To Embedded Analytics


In the age of digital transformation, data's importance has grown exponentially. Enterprises, regardless of their size, face increasing demands from customers seeking access to their data. Historically, businesses have responded by establishing "customer portals" to facilitate secure access to a self-service analytics environment. In today's dynamic market, providing such a service is no longer just an added benefit—it's a necessity.

Why Embedding Analytics Is Essential

Seamless Integration: Embedding analytics seamlessly integrates your customer's experience. If a customer spends significant time in your application, embedding ensures they don't need to leave your platform to obtain insights elsewhere. Essentially, embedding amplifies user engagement, encouraging customers to spend more time exploring data insights within your ecosystem.

Real-World Examples: At its core, embedding involves integrating one software application with another. Everyday examples include watching an embedded YouTube video on social media or a blog post. Sigma can securely embed your dashboards within any application, enhancing user accessibility and experience.

Modern vs. Archaic Methods: Although some entities still rely on "data dumps" or emailing data sets, these methods are increasingly perceived as archaic, insecure, and inefficient. This white paper aims to provide an in-depth overview of the various aspects to consider when integrating a customer-centric analytics solution into your online platforms and a demonstration of how embedding works in Sigma.

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