Leading Driver Assistance and Safety Services Provider Expands Data Access and Empowers Business Teams to Explore Live Data at Cloud Scale with Sigma

Agero Scales Business and Improves Customer Experience While Cutting Tooling and Operating Costs

SAN FRANCISCO – January 13, 2021 – Sigma Computing, an innovator in cloud analytics and business intelligence (BI), helped Agero scale, optimize, and accelerate its products and services while cutting BI tooling and operational costs. Agero is now able to combine current data from a variety of sources with decades of historical data and make that data available to the entire company for analysis at scale via Sigma’s spreadsheet-like interface. This is done without removing data from Snowflake, the cloud data platform, and while remaining in compliance with security and governance requirements.

“Sigma has made it possible for us to leverage all our legacy data – gathered over 50 years in business – to improve our products and services, which is a significant competitive advantage for us,” said Agero Senior Director of Data Science and Analytics Michael Bell. “Before adding Sigma to our cloud data analytics stack, our data was only accessible to people with coding skills and we were oftentimes running into scale issues because our BI tool couldn’t handle the volume of data we needed to analyze for even our standard weekly reports. Today, everyone at the company has to access the data they need, can explore it independently, and find the answers they need to make fast decisions, which has significantly improved how we work with our partners and serve our customers, as well as our ability to quickly help drivers in need.”

Agero manages more than 30,000 incidents across North America and Europe every day for its clients, which include the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers. Sigma has helped Agero strengthen its relationships with clients and partners by optimizing every event response and embedding live dashboards into their existing workflows that display key performance metrics in real-time, including the number of calls answered, response time, roadside incidents managed, customer experience data, and more. The Conditional Scheduling feature in Sigma also helps Agero maximize resources and deliver better service by alerting clients to critical issues the moment they happen so immediate action can be taken.

“Massive and growing data sets, insatiable business demands, and a broken data supply chain may be the biggest challenges that businesses face as they attempt to manage unpredictability and make timely and accurate decisions at all levels of their organizations,” said Sigma Computing CEO Mike Palmer. “How can companies be data-driven when they cannot deliver business users fast access to granular data? Static dashboards and weekly reports don’t cut it. Only Sigma is empowering employees at every level to access, analyze, and present data on-demand and at scale.”

Read the complete Agero case study or watch the “Conquering Community-driven Analytics” webinar to learn how Agero safely expanded data access throughout the company, empowered business teams to explore live data independently, and accelerated data-driven decisions. Experts from Snowflake and Sigma join Bell to share how to:

  • Leverage data governance made possible by the cloud to expand data access without sacrificing control;
  • Uncover more relevant and accurate insights by enabling business teams to conduct their own analyses;
  • Accelerate time to insight and boost productivity by reusing and repurposing analyses.