Sigma Wins Most Innovative Product Award at Strata Data

Last week, the Sigma team participated in the Strata Data Conference in San Francisco. The annual conference connects the data community, helping professionals put big data, cutting-edge data science, and new business fundamentals to work.

It was a wonderful experience introducing Sigma to some of the most data-driven companies around. Our team got the opportunity to demo the latest innovation in cloud business intelligence and hear from leading data experts about their thoughts on the future of data.

Throughout the conference, a trend quickly emerged: attendees loved Sigma. So much so that they voted Sigma the most innovative product at the event. Read on to learn more about the award and how Sigma is changing cloud BI and analytics.

Recognizing Innovation in Data

Each year, Strata celebrates data innovation with the Strata Data Awards. The awards recognize the most innovative startups, leaders, and data science projects from Strata sponsors and exhibitors around the world. Curated by a team of industry experts and selected by the attendees of the world’s largest data conference series, Strata awards the most disruptive startup, the most innovative industry technology, and the most impactful data science project.

This year Sigma walked away with the Most Innovative Product Award. We’re honored to have won the award and be welcomed by the data community with open arms.

Changing the Data Conversation

After accepting the award on stage, our booth was immediately filled with attendees. They all had the same question: what makes Sigma so innovative? We think it’s all about how we’re changing the data conversation by making information more accessible, open, and collaborative for all.Historically, making sense of big data has been a job that only data analysts and BI admins could tackle. Data analysis requires a deep technical understanding of databases, and the ability to speak the language of data: SQL. BI tools take weeks or months to learn and intimidating interfaces keep most business people out of the data conversation. Instead, they rely on data teams to serve up dashboards and reports they pump into Excel to aid decision-making.While these are good first steps to making data accessible, they immediately become outdated or raise more questions than they answer—leading business experts to engage in a constant back-and-forth with the data team to get answers. This frustrating cycle of ad-hoc data reporting has always left business experts craving a self-service solution that allows them to dig into real-time data without one arm tied behind their backs.

Asking More of Your Data

That’s where Sigma comes in. Sigma empowers business experts to ask more of their data without writing a single line of SQL, opening up big data queries to the non-technical user in a familiar environment using a universal visual language: the spreadsheet. Behind the scenes, on-screen actions transform into complex code in seconds, allowing anyone to wield SQL like a pro.

This simple visual interface allows marketers, finance teams, salespeople, and just about anyone else to explore data, make discoveries, and take action without an analyst’s help. It’s a fundamentally new way of approaching data discovery, and it’s making data accessible to the business experts who’s been left in the dark for the last decade.

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